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CA Solar Rebates
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In addition to Federal and California State Tax Rebates, the following rebates are available for the following cities in California: Azusa, Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. These departments have additional rebates as well: Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and Southern California Edison. Programs change frequently so contact your government to determine if you are entitled to additional incentives.

LADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water & Power- Solar Incentive Program

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) have a Solar Photovoltaic Incentives Program for its customers who have a solar power PV system installed. To be eligible to receive the incentives payment from LADWP, the customer must apply for and receive the Confirmed Reservation number. The solar energy system must meet the guidelines and specifications before the Incentive Program payment will be approved. The amount you will receive is determined on the estimated performance of the solar energy system.

SCE - Southern California Edison- California Solar Initiative

If you are a Southern California Edison customer, you are eligible for their California Solar Incentive Rebate and Saving Program. After choosing Churner Electric to install your solar panel electricity system, an application is submitted to Southern California Edison to start the process of receiving the rebate. Next, the installation process begins and Southern California Edison must be contacted for permission to connect the solar system. The system must be inspected or pre-inspected and approved. Once inspected, approved, connected and information filed and completed, you will begin to receive your EPBB rebate or the PBI performance payments.

Azusa Light & Water - Solar Partnership Program

The Azusa Light & Water has designed a program to help reduce the cost of installing solar photovoltaic systems. The request for the incentives reservation is based on the proposal of the designed photovoltaic system. After the system is installed the completed, Reservation Confirmation and Claim form is submitted and you receive your rebate incentives check.

Burbank Water & Power - Residential & Commercial Solar Support Program

Burbank Water & Power is offering its customers an additional rebate on the price of electricity if a solar panel energy system is installed. The program is called the Solar Support Rebate (SSR). It is in place to help the adoption of solar electricity. The first step to receive the rebate would be to authorize an energy-efficiency audit of the building. The equipment installed must meet all requirements to be eligible. The pay out is either a lump sum or paid over 5 years of the system’s life depending on the production level of electricity.

Glendale Water and Power - Solar Solutions Program

If you are a customer of Glendale Water and Power, get started by calling Glendale Water and Power customer service to receive a home energy audit. Churner will request an Incentives Reservation Form based on the proposal system designed by Churner Electric during the consultation. After the forms are completed the meter spot check and electrical permit process begins. Then the installation of your solar powered energy system begins. The Reservation Confirmation paperwork is submitted and a check is issued to the purchaser, retailer or lessee of the photovoltaic system.

Pasadena Water and Power - Solar Power Installation Rebate

Pasadena Water and Power is offering its customers solar rebates and free solar workshops. This is to encourage the California State’s Million Solar Roof’s incentive. To be able to receive the Pasadena tax benefits and rebates, the system must be approved with the Incentives Claim Form. After installation, electrical inspection and clearance from Pasadena Water and Power, you will receive a rebate check. You can also attend the Pasadena Solar Incentives Workshop. This covers and explains the 30% tax credit, types of solar panels and how to calculate savings.

To learn more about the solar panel installation and to determine if solar panels might be right for your Southern California home, please contact us today.
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