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How much electrical energy do you use in a day?  It is probably more than you think.  The chart below shows some common daily activities with the related item used and the average watts used for each activity.  For many Southern Californians, the daily energy usage can be more than what is shown in the chart and this chart does not take into consideration heating, air conditioning or other items used in the same activity listed.  In addition, items plugged into the wall that are not being used also consume electrical energy.  With the installation of solar panels, these daily watts can be powered by the Sun, which will result in lower utility bills or even the complete elimination of your electric bills.  The number of solar panels you and Churner Electric choose to install will have a significant effect on your electricity bill.  The more solar panels Churner Electric installs on your home the higher amount of electricity produced; which can lead to a complete elimination of your bill or credits for excess power produced.  These credits are applied to months when customers use more electricity than they produce based on the net metering system. Monthly electric bills for most California homes can range from $20 to over $350.  How much would you save if you went solar?

Activity Item Watts Hours Watt Hours
Showering Blow Dryer 1000 0.1 100
Breakfast Blender 300 0.05 15
Refrigeration Refrigerator 12cf DC 70 18 (avg) 1260
TV 19 inch, color 85 3 255
Internet Computer 200 2 400
Entertainment CD Stereo 35 3 105
Dinner Microwave 1000 0.2 200
Reading Compact
Fluorescent Light
16 3 48
Daily Total Watt Hours Per Day = 7675 Watt hours

To learn more about the solar panel installation and to determine if solar panels might be right for your Southern California home, please contact us today.
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