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We utilize the following makes of solar panels, inverters and racking when installing solar panels in Southern California.  All solar industry manufacturers have been chosen due to their superior product quality and overall performance.
Solar Panels
  Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar Inc. is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of solar modules (panels).  Churner Electric installs this type of panel because of their unpromising quality of solar panels.  Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 and was successfully listed on the NASDAQ Exchange in November 2006.  Canadian Solar has been one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry. Canadian Solar continues to develop and deliver the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective clean renewable solar power energy panels for Churner Electric customers in Southern California.

The panels offered by Sanyo are HIT solar panels. With these solar panels, Sanyo is trying to bring energy independence in to your life with Churner Electric installing the HIT solar energy panels.  Sanyo has been providing the most advanced and innovative solar energy solutions systems for over 30 years.  Sanyo is dedicated to the development of renewable energy and is the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries.

Mitsubishi is making breakthroughs that are leading the world towards a more energy-efficient future.  Mitsubishi has been working on solar technology since the 1970s, when they made their first PV modules to provide power to satellites.  Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to promoting solar power systems as an indispensable source of clean energy for the future.  Photovoltaic (PV) modules, which comprise the core of the technology, are installed by Churner Electric.  One of the most promising approaches to a cleaner environment is the adoption of solar power systems, which generate electricity with zero emission of CO2.
Solar Inverters
  Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is changing the way solar power is delivered to homes and businesses with the breakthrough Enphase Microinverter System, making solar power systems more productive, more reliable and smarter.  The Enphase Microinverter System dramatically simplifies design, installation and management of your solar power systems.  Microinverter technology reduces the resources required for system installation, dramatically increases system reliability and design flexibility.
  Fronius IG

The family of Fronius IG products are reliable, proven and smart.  The next generations of Fronius IG Plus inverters are build on past successful models with multiple enhancements.  These include maximum power harvest, lockable DC disconnection and unbeatable reliability.  There are three different sizes of inverters. The smallest is the Fronius IG Plus 3.0-1uni, available in 3.0 and 3.8 kW.  The efficient two power stage is the Fronius IG Plus 5.0-1uni.  The maximum strength has three stages in one device and is the Fronius IG Plus 10.0-1uni.  The Fronius line is committed to promoting a world powered by sustainable energy.
  PV Powered

The PV vision is to spread adoption of solar power.  The high reliability of PV Powered inverters stems from the revolutionary, but simple architecture of our products, all of which contain less than one-half of the components of competitive inverter systems.  PV Powered products are designed to deliver reliable power for 20 years or more.  Some of the residential inverters are the PVP 4800, PVP 3500, and the PVP 2000.  Churner Electric will work with you to find the best inverter for your home.
  SMA Sunny Boy

SMA features a unique product spectrum that offers the perfect solar inverter for your solar energy system.  The Sunny Boy solar inverters are characterized by technology and quality.  They are optimal for small to mid-size range solar energy systems.  Each inverter is used for a different voltage.  The three main inverts used are the Sunny Boy 700U, Sunny Boy 3000US, and Sunny Boy 5000US.  The Sunny Boy line has been repeatedly acclaimed and is constantly developing.  The Sunny Boy inverters ensure a very good solar yield.

With the KACO Solar blue planet xi-series, the engineering team has created an inverter family that is unparalleled in its class and has set new energy output and efficiency standards.  Our new inverter design is not only the most efficient in its class; it also offers patented MPP technology and produces optimum total output from your installation.  The inverters that Churner Electric carries are the KACO Solar blueplanet 1501xi, KACO Solar blueplant 2901xi and the KACO Solar blueplanet 3601xi.
Solar Racking

Engineering is most important when installing PV mounting technology on a roof.  When Churner Electric is attaching a solar array to a home, Unirac has 10 years of proven performance helping homeowners benefit from solar solutions.  CLICKSYS offers superior aesthetics with great value and is easily installed on most roofing types, including barrel and Spanish tiles found in California.

POWER-FAB produces the most sensibly designed and rugged mounting structures in the photovoltaic industry, with a focus on strength and ease of installation.  POWER-FAB offer several rack styles to meet a wide variety of applications.  For roof-top installations, they manufacture the Power-Rail, Power-Grid, and the non-penetrating Power-Tube CRS mounting systems.  Each mount is designed specifically for your module and Churner Electric’s quality solar panel installation.

Professional Solar Products (ProSolar) is the manufacturer of the RoofTrac "Top-Down" solar mounting system.  ProSolar provides the best value to the solar industry in terms of quality, price and service.  ProSolar has been manufacturing solar equipment for over 20 years, longer than any other Photovoltaic mounting manufacturer.  ProSolar has mounting for every type of solar panel energy system.
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