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The following steps outline our installation process of solar panels.  For all our California customers, we will walk you through every step of the solar panel installation process. 

Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on many different types of roofs facing almost any direction.  Whether you have a composition shingle roof or a tile roof, we can effectively install solar panels for your home.  If placing the panels on the roof is not an option due to different situations, another options is for the solar panels to be installed to an awning, patio over hang or to a sunny area on the ground.  Solar panels can be flush mounted or tilted up towards the Sun.

Step 1: Analysis and Consultation 

When you start your solar panel research process, please contact Churner Electric.  We will setup an in-home appointment with you to discuss the solar energy plan that is best for your home, including price options and projected savings.  

Step 2: Preparing for Installation 
After being contracted for the project, permits and a plan check are required before Churner Electric will start the installation process.  First step is to finalize the installation plan regarding the number of panels, positioning and the overall solar panel installation design.  The panels and parts are ordered for customization. 

Step 3: The Installation Starts
The solar panel installation process begins.  We determine the positioning of the mountings and the location.  The mounts are positioned and aligned on the rafters and then secured. 

Step 4: The Solar Panels are Installed 

Once all the mountings are in place and secured the pre-assembled hard wire solar photovoltaic panels are attached to the mounts.  

Step 5: The Solar Panels are Wired 

The solar panels are wired to the inverter to turn the solar energy into usable electrical energy in the home.  

Step 6: The Monitoring System is Setup

As a last step, the solar panel monitoring system is set up.  This is in place making sure that the solar panels are working correctly on an on-going basis. 

To learn more about the solar panel installation process and to determine if solar panels might be right for your Southern California home, please contact us today
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